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My guess for why "other orders" accounted for the majority of orders is that these are conditional orders such as stop loss, stop limit, AON, GTC, trailing stop, as well as some less frequent ones like fill-or-kill, bracket orders, market-on-close, limit-on-close, immediate-or-cancel, etc.


The documentation for the GOOGLEFINANCE API lists the attributes that are available depending on the type of security you're querying. None of them give you any detail about revenue - the closest is EPS (Earnings Per Share) which is net earnings, not just revenue. You'll need to find another API or another data vendor to get revenue details.


Most public corporations publish the results of proxy votes in multiple formats included hard-copy and online. Look for annual/quarterly reports. The best way to find this is to search their web site for "Investor Relations" and it is likely in a downloadable PDF file. For example: Here is the page for Exxon Mobil.

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