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The answer is likely LIFO, which means "Last In, First Out." If prices are rising, that means your most expensive items are your most recent. More expensive COGS => lower Gross Profit. Thus, you want to start with the latter units first. If I am understanding the 2nd part of your question correctly, it shouldn't matter if you purchased one more unit than ...


This typically considered a form of credit card kiting. It is not allowed under the TOS of most (if not all) card processing/merchant account agreements. There can be legal consequences if intent to defraud can be proven, but typically it just results in account closure.


The trades will be matched in the account that you trade them in. For trading purposes, you cannot designate shares at one broker be matched with shares at another. Ironically, shares at different brokers are considered in toto for tax purposes (wash sales). You cannot take a loss in one account and then replace them with a substantially identical ...


I found the answer elsewhere: Instead of debiting Retained Earnings directly, I debit Distributions, and then at the end of the period, close Distributions to Retained Earnings.


Loans to shareholders are loans and have to be repaid. If the loan is written off then it becomes salary or dividend and must be taxed, not doing so would be tax avoidance. If the company goes bankrupt, shareholder loans must be paid back and distributed to creditors, not doing so is fraud.

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