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Are funding debt and Notes issued liability? Yes Is redeemable convertible preferred stock equity? Yes and No - from an accounting standpoint it is equity because it represents ownership (and shows up in the equity section of the balance sheet). However, financial analysts often value it like debt since it's typically bought for its fixed payout, not for ...


Does this mean the cost of revenue is zero? Probably not, but it may be insignificant (e.g. < 1% of gross profit). If the software is completely online (e.g. no CDs or packaging) then I could see a very small COGS, and all costs would be indirect (salaries, R&D, advertising, etc.). It's also possible that the company does not allocate direct labor (...


COR is "the total cost of manufacturing and delivering a product or service to consumers". For a software company, that seems to be Engineering and product development (the manufacturing) plus maybe Customer operations (if that's delivering the product to the consumer).


I can't reconcile either calculation, but I can offer thoughts on how to measure return. Time-weighted return is useful for seeing how the underlying instruments performed regardless of when money came into or out of the portfolio. In other words, it removes biases from having more money invested in good times (and vice-versa). So if you want to see if you ...

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