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I think an alternative answer is that, it is absolutely definitely possible. There are some legal and technical issues you may have to take into account, but there are precedents of such in other IPOs and public companies. The real matter at hand is that the cost to go public, including legal, audit, exchange, and other fees, would be so high, it would ...


The short answer is that demand for the IPO determines whether the price of the stocks, offered before the IPO is a reasonable one, or overestimated. During the late 1990s internet, I did a lot of IPOs. At that time, I subscribed to an IPO newsletter/service that accurately ranked expected opening price performance. The basis of the evaluation was tracking ...


This question had me curious if single building REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are possible, and it turns out there have been several attempts at a single-building REIT with the one that got furthest planned for a $53M IPO listed as ECAV in 2014.


No, it is not possible. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process in which a privately-held corporation becomes a publicly-held corporation and gets listed on a stock exchange. Your house is not a corporation of any sort. It is not a business. You could, theoretically, start a corporation that owns your house, and then sell shares of that corporation ...

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