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TLDR: Beware of commercial sites pretending to be your only path to a government benefit or service. Only trust sites ending in .GOV (or national government domain). If you don't want TurboTax having your identity and income data, don't use TurboTax. If you don't want H&R Block having your PII, etc. etc. You don't need any of those companies. ID.Me is ...


ID.Me is a service you would have to explicitly sign up for - it's not something the IRS controls, and would not be able to "enter you into". It's billed as an alternative to showing your government issued ID to an agency, as you show it to ID.Me and confirm various other details with them. It requires several steps that can only be done by you ...


Will I still need to file as a Sole proprietor, even though my investment losses exceed my earnings this year? One is not related to the other. Since you've net earned more than $400 from self-employment, you're expected to file a tax return and it would include Schedules C and SE to account for the self-employment earnings. See here: You had net earnings ...


I found a discussion on another website where a few people who had their credit frozen on all 3 credit bureaus were able to sign up for for IRS purposes. I assume that applies to obtaining transcripts as well.

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