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What I understand is the more outstanding shares there are, the more investors positions are diluted. That's not entirely accurate. Dilution happens when new shares are issued, reducing the ownership percentage of existing shareholders. If I own 10% of the outstanding shares (regardless of how many shares that is), and the company issues more shares, my ...


It means that the insiders are selling because they want cash. This paragraph on page 1 makes the reasoning clearer: Another unique aspect of insiders is that they often receive a large proportion of their stakes in firms through non-market transactions (e.g. stock grants). Through initial ownership, stock grants, and other market transactions, insiders ...


I don't know anything about Carta, but you probably will need to have them transfer the shares out in-kind (as shares) to a retail brokerage, like Schwab. Then you can just sell them. Make sure to understand the tax implications of doing so.

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