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I am finding hard to understand the trading charges and brokerages. can someone please answer the below queries

I found out whats happening with the issues i mentioned above. I am posting the answer here( issue to issue) as it might help someone who is also facing the same trouble understanding the ...
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Why is reverse stock split exist on stock market?

Let's start from the other end. When a stock splits, each shareholder gets more shares but each share is now worth less. The reason for doing it is to make it easier for small investors to buy shares. ...
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Why is reverse stock split exist on stock market?

It combines several shares into one, and that's it. The purpose is to reduce the number of outstanding shares, while increasing the value of each individual share. This can be useful if, for example, ...
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What is the meaning of ^ symbol for SPX

The caret (^) or a dot prepended to a ticker symbol means that it is an "index" and not an actual tradeable share. You'd use an ETF (exchange traded fund) derived from that index, to ...
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