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The size of the market refers to how many shares are being bid for or offered to sell at the respective bid and ask prices. In this case it means that 50,000 shares are bidding to buy stock at the bid and 500 shares are being offered for sale at the ask. Noet that there are algorithmic orders in use today. For example, an iceberg order is a type of ...


The price of anything that is bought and sold every day, nay every fraction of a second, will fluctuate. The price at any given time is “what you’re being quoted” (just like you get quoted on a paint job for your house; “call for a free quote today!”).


the stock change is intended to be a measure of how much the value of a stock changes over the course of a day. No - it indicates the change from one day to the next (or more generally from one period to the next). Since the price can change from the end of one day to the beginning of the next day (due to after hours trading), you'd be missing the after-...

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