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You should be able to use the wash-sale rule against the IRS here: you sell the stock, and buy it back within 30 days. Then you sell it again in January, and that will make the loss applicable to Tax year 2020, and you have the risk only for some days. You can also repeat that every 29 days, and only keep it for five minutes each time, that has nearly no ...


There is no way to realize the loss this year and defer it until next year. There are some ways to use options to lock in the position until 2020, limiting losses but viability depends on the stock having options as well as the implied volatility of the options and the availability of strike prices.


I'm not a tax specialist but have been in the industry for 20 years. It's a taxable event in the tax year of the sale. So if you sell it in 2019 you have to claim it on your 2019 taxes. The only portion that can be carried into 2020(or beyond) is losses in excess of 3k. Only idea I have is to look at an option strategy that expires in 2020. You might ...

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