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So, far we are planning to do fixed % asset allocation, with 60% stock equity, 40% income (bonds), and enough cash for 1yr. Stocks will be subdivided into 60% U.S. and 40% foreign. Bonds will be 70% U.S. and 30% currency hedged foreign. ...all mutual funds, except for perhaps a fixed % of the U.S. stock assets being individual stocks, not mutual funds.


The question is a tragic reminder that we now live "in a world of no returns". Stocks, bonds, everything, pay nothing. There are no investments. You can no longer "live off" capital. It's a bit off the wall but have you considered some sort of simple small business, such as a small franchize? I have an acquaintance, X, in a similar age ...


Should I pay off present 30-year-old house mortgage from said proceeds? That seems like the best thing to do. It's a mostly inflation save investment and fairly low risk at a pre-tax return rate of 4.25%. That's hard to beat at the moment. The current investment picture isn't pretty. Many researchers project the 10 year real rate of returns for US large ...


There is nothing that requires you to give up your IRA when you leave the US. You can continue to maintain the account, and the balance will increase or decrease over time based on how you have the funds invested in the account. What happens when you go to withdraw money from the account at retirement age will depend on where you are residing. The US ...

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