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What is a "rolling balance"? (UK PSD2)

Firstly, it isn't necessarily a criminal offense. Both the FCA notice and article refer to the Director being imprisoned by a court for contempt of court in different proceedings. It's not that the ...
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The last 3 digits swift code entered wrong branch. I asked to recall the international transfer. Where is my money could be?

If the swift code + account number results in a meaningless account that doesn't exist [statistically the more likely option], then you are in luck: Eventually the receiving bank will acknowledge the ...
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Keeping personal and business finances separate, tax-wise, in two different countries inside Britain?

This isn't really an answer but it's too long for a comment. What is your real intention behind trying to do this? Are the tax regimes different between England and Scotland in this regard? "I ...
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Can an individual in Britain sell through Amazon with no government registration (see details) other than their National Insurance number?

This isn't a 100% certain answer as I've never tried doing this, but: You only need to register with HMRC as a sole trader if your gross income from it is more than £1K in a tax year. There's more ...
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In the UK, if I pay tax on both PAYE and Self-Assessment, where will my savings interest be taxed?

The self-assessment process can essentially be viewed as a correction to the PAYE process. When you self-assess, part of what you report is you all your income including your PAYE income, and the tax ...
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