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So, if I should not fill out income/tax/payments etc. on page 1, where do I enter the amount $1410 that should be refunded? I'm not sure, but one possibility would be that it is not entered anywhere, and the IRS will look at how much you paid before, and calculate a refund based on that. Also, why should I file 8843? International students are "exempt ...


For 3 years after the filing date, there's no such thing as "your negligence". You are allowed to amend your taxes using Form 1040X for any reason, or no reason at all. So if you see a deduction you missed, by all means! File a 1040X and claim it. After 3 years, you can amend it, but they won't pay you any more refunds. You should write a completely ...


Note that there are two very different issues here. Opening a bank account is one thing, opening a credit card account is quite another--you're effectively beyond the reach of any enforcement action, why would any bank lend you money?


Taxes are due when earned. Not when you transfer the funds to UK. So even if you never transfer the funds you have to declare in your UK taxes interest every year and pay taxes. Generally there is relief under DTAA (Dual Tax avoidance agreement) however in this case there is no taxes applicable in India so you have to pay as per UK tax rates.

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