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Sold my car, but buyer used fake driver's license and fake TD bank draft

Report it to the police. Also tell the bank what happened exactly. After that, pour yourself a sizeable drink and drink a "goodbye" to your $87,000. It's possible that the police may recover ...
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Canadian FHSA to RRSP after 15 years

It’s a no-brainer to open an FHSA. You’ll get a tax deduction for the amount contributed. $8K max per year, up to a max of $40,000, but only if you opened the FHSA in 2023. If you didn't open the ...
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What are the advantages of paying off a mortgage quickly?

Retirement Timing I'm ten years late to this party, but no one has mentioned retirement timing and I feel like that may be important. The size of the nest egg you need to retire is directly ...
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Instalment interest calculation in Canada for individuals

After reviewing many CRA websites I believe I have an answer to my own question. For 2023, instalment reminders were all due March, June, Sept and Dec 15. My amounts due were $1000 for both March and ...
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Can a prepaid Amex be legally allowed to expire in Canada?

This may need to be further refined to which province you reside in (or did at the time of receiving the pre-paid card). The answer may be universal to Canada, but the verbiage for different provinces ...
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