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How do I determine the division of cost basis for multiple NFTs minted in a single transaction?

In a "regular" (aka tangible) assets transaction, you'd do an appraisal of each of the assets and split the cost basis proportionally to the appraised values.
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Using Sharpe ratio to compare bitcoin investments?

The Sharpe Ratio is used to see how effectively you are using risk. If your goal is to maximize average returns regardless of risk, then the Sharpe ratio is not useful for you. Most investment ...
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Why isn't contango in crypto futures markets simply arbitraged away?

We are talking about Billions of dollars of transactions apparently being traded daily, if exchange numbers are believed. So, you can safely assume the presence of arbitrage is an indication of ...
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Cryptocurrency mining/transfer fees as a taxable exchange for a service?

There is no reason to assume crypto currencies are treated any other way than other investments, so fees reduce the gain when you sell them (or 'increase the base' if you prefer it that way). Your ...
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