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The rules of each platform are different, and you may undercount some, such as overnight fees.


Very little gold is used for important industrial things. Most of it is turned into shiny trinkets, or just hoarded in vaults. As a result, it's impossible to say what the "correct" price is. So saying that it's "undervalued" or "overvalued" is meaningless. It's value is whatever people are willing to pay for it today. There ...


It looks like local London time, not GMT, is used. Open/close is marked at midnight for this 24/7 market.


For a trade to happen you need a buyer and a seller. The above two statements together i.e. if everyone decides to sell the crypto they hold, and no one holds any crypto. doesn't seem possible. Where there is a trade happening you need both buyer and seller. And if all the crypto holders decide to sell then there must be new crypto holders who are willing to ...


Your interest income should be calculated in dollar value at the moment each interest payment is received. Declare that income on your taxes. "Regarding the nature of crypto interest, you need to report it on your income tax return as interest or ordinary income." - article Once received, the crypto interest becomes a capital asset. Your basis and ...


If you are uncomfortable sharing your id with some service, consider it also a sign that you should be wary of sharing your money with them. ID verification is required by financial institutions that follow US-based Anti-Money Laundering / 'Know Your Client' ['AML/KYC] regulatory requirements. Many institutions outside of the US choose to follow these ...

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