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Is withdrawing all one's deposits a good tactic on pressing on the state?

"will liquidate all IRA and 401k" - ROFL, let's all pay 50% tax on our savings to the government, that'll show 'em! These kinds of messages are essentially a pump and dump scheme on steroids....
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Tidal loan insurance

I assume that they meant "title loan" and that they either have poor language skills or are unfamiliar with financial terminology. My understanding for this type of loan is that usually your ...
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Checking system vs. SEPA and the like

The other answers aren't exactly wrong, but the real problem is that there are 4800 banks in the US. Not 4800 branches, 4800 separate banks, with a very long tail of small local banks that are ...
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Checking system vs. SEPA and the like

Am I missing some downsides of the modern systems and maybe disregarding some major advantages that regular checks have? No. Wouldn't the customers and banks benefit from abolishing the antiquated ...
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Bitcoin scam: how screwed am I?

My question is, if i just leave the money in my account can the sender take any action against me? Depends on who you call "the sender". The source of your communication, the one writing ...

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