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There is a misperception among those who perform analysis of items on the ticker that it is a historical record of events as they happened. That is only true for some small trades. If small trades make up a block trade, then they never appear as separate items. Block trades that complete in the day are reported by brokers to the exchanges after the event. ...


According to the formula should be: (price today - price yesterday) x dollar equivalent for a price move of one tick return = -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- margin requirement per contract


When you sell the futures contract, the contract basically says that, if you hold it to the contract date, you promise to sell whatever is being contracted for at the specified price. If you buy the contract and hold to that date, then you promise to buy. So being long or short on a future means exactly what the terms would suggest, that you are going to ...


Subtract yesterday's position value from today's position value. Then divide that result by the the time-weighted average of year-to-date deposits and withdrawals plus the beginning year account value. Well, I think a software is needed. I recommend 'KBH Investor Accounting' but if the previous day's gain or loss is to also be considered in the time-weighted ...

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