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Why are foreign exchange notes always freshly printed?

Why are bills freshly printed when buying foreign currency? I've used the same exchange for 15 years or so now and I've noticed the bills I receive have always been fresh and I don't mean they just ...
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US currency is only required to be accepted for actual debt

If I go to a drivethru, order food, get to the cash register, have I created a debt? They have already begun preparing and bagging my food? Do they have to take my 50 or $100 bill? At what point ...
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What are the bounds of the enforced value of "legal tender"? [closed]

Suppose Bob and Alice are both U.S. citizens and Bob lends Alice 100 euros with 105 euros required to be paid back to Bob in exactly one month. A month later, Alice comes back with X amount of ...
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Why did the $2 bill lose its cash value?

The $2 bill used to be worth two dollars, (duh) but now it's worth nothing in most places. Why?
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Is it possible for an individual to refuse a cheque in France?

Some shops in France do not accept cheques (anymore or never have). Is it legal for an individual in France to refuse payment by cheque as well? In other words, is it possible to force someone (an ...
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Do legal tender laws require the debt collector to make change?

I've read that legal tender laws require a debt collector to accept any legal tender for the debt. Does the law also obligate the debt collector to return any change owed? So suppose I walk into a ...
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Legal way US based Employer transfer money to India based employee

I am a software engineer, currently working for a US based company. Situation : I have got my old US employer back with me where they want me to be their employee right now (meanwhile they are ...
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Must I accept Canadian funds if I do business in Canada

I'd like to sell a product in Vancouver, Canada. If the company is Canadian, must I accept Canadian dollars? If my company is not incorporated in Canada, does anything change ? Can I sell a product to ...
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Can limits be placed by a merchant on which currency notes are accepted as legal tender? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: It is legal for a retailer/store or other business to refuse $50 & $100 bills or other legal tender, e.g. pennies? Here in the USA, it seemed to be becoming more and more ...
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How common is counterfeit money in circulation?

I've noticed recently that several places where I paid with a $20 bill, the cashiers used a small marker to detect whether the bill was counterfeit or not before accepting it. Like so: I saw this ...
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I've heard pennies are being phased out in Canada. Is this true?

If so, will it affect how retailers price items? Will they round up?
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Do companies that get taken-over have to honour the old gift card/certificate?

With reference to this question, can companies that get taken over set limitations on honouring gift cards issued prior to the take-over? Also if a company just changes it's name, can it set limits ...
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Do gift cards expire? Does a gift certificate's value depreciate? How long can I keep them for?

I recently found several gift certificates (yes, way back when) from stores like Restoration Hardware, Omer DeSerres (now Loomis) and Jacob. I live in Canada. Can I use these certificates today, ...
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It is legal for a retailer/store or other business to refuse $50 & $100 bills or other legal tender, e.g. pennies?

I'm trying to find out about businesses refusing $50 & $100 bills. Aren't they required by law to accept all legal tender? I had one person say it could be that it's not all legal (i.e. a ...
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