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How does Guilloché pattern inhibit counterfeiting?

[I was unsure whether to post this in Money.SE, GraphicDesign.SE, or Security.SE, I finally chose Money.] It's common to include Guilloché patterns on banknotes, security certificates, and passports ...
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ATM cash deposit verification

When I deposit cash with a bank employee, they look at it and I have never heard of the amount later getting changed due to mistake or counterfeits. If I deposit cash with an ATM which reads the ...
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Counterfeit Money [duplicate]

I had a sugar daddy deposit 4500 in my account . By my debit card wasn’t working . So I called the bank they Lomé my account was blocked & to call the fraud center . My bank is pretty good at this ...
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How can U.S. prevent counterfeit if the U.S. dollar bills have no expiry date? [closed]

Counterfeit bills are a big problem for governments, so they periodically update their bills to add several security features aimed at preventing counterfeit bills. But I imagine that for this to ...
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Is the $5 USD bill from Series 2006 supposed to glow brightly under ultraviolet?

So my company just changed offices recently and for some odd reason or another the server room in the new building has a black light which was installed by the previous tenants. Aside from the oddity ...
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How common is counterfeit money in circulation?

I've noticed recently that several places where I paid with a $20 bill, the cashiers used a small marker to detect whether the bill was counterfeit or not before accepting it. Like so: I saw this ...
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