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Exchanging old hundred-dollar bills for newer ones

I happen to have a bunch of “old” $100 bills. They're labeled series 2006A, the last series of the previous model. I am aware that they are fully accepted in the U.S., but also that many places ...
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Do Americans usually accept a stained dollar bill?

I'm not American, but have visited the US a couple of times. I think in one of those trips I got this $100 bill: As you can see, it has some dark stains, but it didn't bother me at the time and I ...
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How does Guilloché pattern inhibit counterfeiting?

[I was unsure whether to post this in Money.SE, GraphicDesign.SE, or Security.SE, I finally chose Money.] It's common to include Guilloché patterns on banknotes, security certificates, and passports ...
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How much a 2000 lei romanian bill is worth [closed]

How much is the special edition 1999 Romanian total solar eclipse 2,000 Lei bill worth in today’s currecny (USD)? Thank you!
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What are the bounds of the enforced value of "legal tender"? [closed]

Suppose Bob and Alice are both U.S. citizens and Bob lends Alice 100 euros with 105 euros required to be paid back to Bob in exactly one month. A month later, Alice comes back with X amount of ...
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Why there is more digital money than physical money? [closed]

Seeing this charts: (also in video: I cannot ...
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Axiomatic approach to money, securities and other instruments? [closed]

As I read about cash, stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc., I can't help but wonder why there are so many diverse financial products out there. Any pointers to axiomatic treatment that explains ...
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Newbie Question regarding Fiat Currency & the 'Promise to Pay' statement [closed]

I am a newbie and wanted to ask a quick question regarding statements that economists make, that is: "A currency is a promise to pay" "US will not be able to pay it's debt" So that I can ...
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Opening a bank account with cash: How should bills be presented?

I am opening a checking account tomorrow and am planning to deposit $700 that I have in cash to start. It is made up of 30 twenty dollar bills and one one hundred dollar bill. How should I organize it ...
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How to measure a currencies valuation or devaluation in relevance to itself

Usually when currencies are devalued, the percentage change is given in relevance to USD or EUR. Is there a way to measure the currencies change in value to itself or to all the world's currencies ...
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Best approach for collect money vs resolve some points

First of all Sorry about my English. Second I have this question: I don't know how to distribute money between goals that must be achieved(bought) at the certain time not now. List of goals(it's ...
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Proper name for banknote values (sizes)? [closed]

For example USD uses $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. What is a proper name for these options? If I want to give someone $1000, what would be the proper way of asking them what is the largest bill ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Do polymer banknotes generally contain animal fat?

There is currently a brouhaha in England about the new polymer £5 notes, which contain trace amounts of animal fat. Is this problem unique to England, or is it common to other places that use polymer ...
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The Purpose of Change Machines [closed]

I need some clearing up, do Change Machines exchange bills for coins or coins for bills. For example if I put a dollar in a Change Machine will I get four quarters back or visa versa?
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Why do large notes exist? [closed]

Why do the €200 and €500 notes exist? From what I read, they are mainly popular in organised crime. Most currencies do not have such large notes. Some eurozone predecessor currencies did — is that ...
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A way to store money in something like a credit card without my name on it? [closed]

I need to travel abroad, and one of the ways I thought I could easily take money without it being in a form of cash is to buy something. Gift cards obviously is a bad idea - it's limited amount ($100 ...
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Tangible alternative to paper U.S. savings bonds?

When I was little, it was fairly common to get US Savings Bonds from relatives. It introduced me to savings, financial instruments, and the idea of delayed gratification. I know there are 529 plans, a ...
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Canada's polymer $100 bank notes: When will other dollar amounts of "plastic money" be available?

In November 2011, the Bank of Canada released a new polymer (plastic) one-hundred dollar bank note, including transparent areas and metallic images. What other denominations of Canadian paper money ...
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Why don't banks print their own paper money / bank notes? [closed]

The fractional reserve system benefits the banks immensely, according to the documentaries I’ve been watching recently. However, I began wondering why they don’t get into the paper business too. If ...
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