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If there are no financial advantages to pre-paying your insurance, then your hypothesis is correct - it's probably in your best interest to pay the loan down with your cash now, and pay the insurance monthly. But be sure to check on your insurance policy about payment terms - every policy I've ever had (granted, I'm in the US) has had a significant discount ...


“Remote” job position plus “bitcoin” = scam. I’m sorry - your best bet at this point is to block them, delete any messages and move on. If you have already given them any of your personal information then you may need to watch your credit report, and definitely change any passwords if you have given those out.


There is no penalty for filing a tax form late in Canada if you do not owe any taxes. The penalties are all in terms of percentages of the taxes you owe. So if he genuinely never earned more than the personal minimums then there is no downside to filing. If he is going to claim RRSP contributions he is going to have to document his earnings for those years....


RRSPs and TFSAs are the only tax protected accounts he'll be able to access. If he has a spouse/partner who hasn't maxed out their RRSP or TFSA he could give them money and they could invest it to avoid the taxes on dividends. If he has a business or knows someone he'd like to partner with he could invest in that instead and write off any contribution he ...

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