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Finding or calculating rate of return with reinvestment?

Without reinvestment: Add dividends over a year to price increase over a year (the latter may of course be negative). Divide that sum by the price at the start of the year. Multiply by 100 if you want ...
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Historical and future dividends

I like this site: A site with dividend history However, they only give future dividends if the dividend has been declared.
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Should stock price and P/E ratio increase when dividends increase?

There are many fundamental reasons why dividends do not automatically increase stock price, but the main flaw in your logic regarding the Growth Model is that if the company gives out more cash in ...
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Why are there contradicting price diagrams for the same ETF?

The ETF in question is iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF USD (Accumulating). Since it is an accumulating ETF, dividends are automatically reinvested. The MSCI Index Methodology says: MSCI country and ...
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Should stock price and P/E ratio increase when dividends increase?

Be careful with the Gordon growth model. It is a simplification and makes lots of assumptions. It says for example that a company which grows faster than the required return, has a negative value. Why ...
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Do stock prices increase by the anticipated amount of the dividend in the period before the dividend is paid?

Say a company has 10 million shares and pays out 100 million in dividends, ten dollars per share. That means 100 million disappear from its bank account, and the company is now worth 100 million less. ...
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