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Roughly speaking by how much can I/we anticipate credit scores to drop if/when we submit applications to SoFi & Laurel Road simultaneously? I think that similar hard pulls that happen close in time to one another are merged into one by the scoring agencies.


The typical way of verifying someone's debt is to pull a credit report. Given the nature of your request, the pull would be "soft" in the sense that it would not harm their credit score. The advantage of using a credit report for debt verification is that you're involving an independent third party. By pulling the report (or using a credit verification ...


After consulting a few mortgage providers via there mortgage advisor representatives, I've gained some clarity over the whole process, finally. So there are three possibilities for how they will view your foreign student debt: They will look at it from the starting amount and how much you currently owe irrespective of the amount you may pay monthly. So if ...

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