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W-2 + LLC + C Corp: Tax Strategy Question

Probably not, since if you want to use the money for yourself you'll need to extract it from the corporation. Extracting money from a C-Corp can be done in two ways: either by drawing a salary (and ...
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Why does changing the number of shares in a share split if there is only one class not require shareholder approval?

What is a share split? If a company decides that its price per share is getting too high, it can choose to split them. For example, they could split each old share into two new ones. Every existing ...
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Hostile takeover bid to turn company private - how does it work (current context: Musk / Twitter)?

Old, but good questions. Preface: The era of "hostile takeovers" is long gone. After the wave of hostile takeovers in the '80s, stakeholders began incorporating change of control protections ...
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