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They interface with the Automated Clearing House (ACH) run by NACHA. There's a standard that defines how software must interact with the ACH.


I would say it's as safe as any other major bank. Many retailers have been hacked as well, so there's no way to be completely sure that your info won't get stolen without going "off the grid" completely. If you're concerned about identity theft, then you can look into Identify Theft Insurance. It doesn't compensate you directly, but it helps monitor your ...


PayPal, Cash, and Venmo (and Zelle) are a layer above direct bank-to-bank transfers. This extra layer of "indirection" adds security, since you don't have to tell anyone else your routing and account numbers. All you tell other people is your phone number or email address, which aren't secrets (and which PayPal, Cash, Venmo and Zelle know, along with their ...


Many banks allow for multiple savings accounts, for example with Capital One I can have up to 25 savings accounts. However, rather than dividing your banking into multiple accounts a proper budget that accounts for these buckets will be a much more valuable tool over the long-term. I recommend zero-based budgets in which you plan for how every dollar will ...

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