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Received unidentified "PayPal" payment - bank and PayPal deny knowledge

There are several things it could be: An innocent mistake. Expect that it will be corrected by reversing the transfer. So make sure the balance stays high enough to not go negative if the reversal ...
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Can I dispute ATM fees?

When you use an ATM there are two ways you can be charged: by your bank by the owner of the machine. Sometimes if you use a machine that is in a network your bank belongs to there will not be any ...
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If it is mandatory for the person to appear at the bank in order to create a bank account then why is LLC an exception?

There's a mishmash of several different misconceptions. There were visas that allowed me to do business in the USA but not receive money from American companies I'm not an immigration attorney, but ...
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Can I dispute ATM fees?

Every ATM I've seen recently puts up a warning about transaction fees. $3 is fairly standard. You can reduce the bite by making a larger withdrawal so that is a smaller percentage if the transaction. ...
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What are the alternatives to “real” banks

I guess your question is: Are there any US financial institutions that use a second-factor authentication other than SMS to a real US phone number and offers bank-like services? The answer is yes. ...
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Banking for digital nomad

What is your country of citizenship? If it's the United States, it is possible to establish residency in certain states that facilitate banking, mail forwarding and taxes for expats. South Dakota is a ...
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