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If you mean "recharge" as in add more money to your phone payment account, then this is 100% a scam. For the following reasons: The phone provider will most likely not call you asking for personal details to apply a payment. Even if they did call to tell you a payment is due, it would either be an automated message that says "your payment is ...


For clarity, in case this helps someone: It's an extremely well-known, very popular, scam (in India and elsewhere). It's totally common to get 3 or 4 calls with this particular scam each month. Completely ignore it.


You can't have 2 debit cards, it's likely that either the first one has expired or you have requested an upgrade, you have a new debit card. The limit on the new card will apply.


IRA distributions can be considered and reported as pensions if taken as periodic distributions and not a lumpsum payment. However, if it's not being considered as a pension due to some reason, you can rollover the IRA into an annuity which should more likely be distributed tax-free to NRAs in India and taxed in India as ordinary income. See the tax rates at ...


So NSE has various series of different securities for trading on different trading segments listed on stock exchange. To ease up identifying the correct series & settlement segment of securities they have a table called legend of series. These series & legends are mostly useful to identify the most appropriate series, trade settlement market segment ...

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