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Online ticket website confirmed order but didn't deliver tickets + charge my credit card so I bought again

If the vendor failed to deliver the order, you could contact the credit card company and have them "charge back" the purchase price. But here, they did deliver it; you simply failed to look ...
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Are contactless cards more secure than "insert required" cards?

tl;dr: Contactless payment without a PIN is not more secure than contact chip without a PIN unless you're making a purchase at an automated kiosk where a thief may have installed a skimmer on the card ...
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Are contactless cards more secure than "insert required" cards?

There are very different protections afforded to you by the law and your cardholder agreement between credit cards and debit cards, and between PIN and PIN-less transactions (especially on debit). ...
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Can a prepaid Amex be legally allowed to expire in Canada?

This may need to be further refined to which province you reside in (or did at the time of receiving the pre-paid card). The answer may be universal to Canada, but the verbiage for different provinces ...
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