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Do CFD brokers ban profitable clients from trading on their platform, since these clients make them lose money?

CFD brokers do not ban clients, that's the short answer. To elaborate a bit, the premise of your question is mistaken. Most of the CFD trade volume today is done on ECN, a global network for matching ...
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Why would people invest in T-Bills over an extended period of time, when more tax-efficient options like BOXX exist?

Assuming you are in the twilight of your career and have been planning your retirement during the non-inflationary period prior to Covid. A safe withdrawal rate of 4% might have seemed optimistic and ...
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What would have been a good medium-term investment in 1999?

When the stock market is top-heavy (a few large companies powering the indexes higher), as in 1999, it would be reasonable to focus more on small-cap stocks, e.g., the Russell 2000. That index rose ...
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What would have been a good medium-term investment in 1999?

I think you are trying to ask what is a good investment strategy if the tech sector of the US stock market is overvalued. If one believes that the economy is still going up for a long time along with ...
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Is it better, financially, to invest in a property or in ETFs?

Deciding on it depends on three factors for you: your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. When deciding whether to invest in commercial property or ETFs, consider your risk ...
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Why would I ever buy a house vs. just renting and invest the rest?

There is one major fact about investing in a house: Once you invest in a house, the money is in a fixed place, you cannot just take it and spend it. Let’s say in 5 years you have either $40,000 in ...
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