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How to deal with spinoffs when calculating money-weighted rate of return (MWRR) of a stock investment

I am using a spreadsheet's XIRR function to calculate the money-weighted rate of return (MWRR) of my investment in "X Corporation" stock. X conducted a spinoff of "Y Corporation". ...
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How to account for a stock spinoff in an investment account

I recently obtained shares of Sylvamo Corp (SLVM) as a result of a spinoff from International Paper (IP). In the transaction history of the containing brokerage account there was no intermediate ...
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I received stocks from a spin-off of a firm from which I possess some stocks. Which date is used to determine if capital gains are short or long-term?

I read on Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) completes the deal to spin off its Upjohn business and combine it with ...
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When Tencent spun off China Literature in Nov-17, what happened to existing shareholders?

Back in November 2017, Tencent spun off part of their business - China Literature. My question is what happened to existing Tencent shareholders at that time? Were they awarded 'free' China ...
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What is the meaning of public stock price data from before the official first day of trading? [duplicate]

I have noticed that some companies, in the weeks prior to a first listing day or IPO, have share prices listed. This often seems to happen before a spinoff, such as in Xylem's (XYL) 2011 spinoff from ...
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How is there a market for shares that get destroyed on sale?

After the spin-off of Hamilton Beach Brands from NACCO Industries I now own an equal number of A and B shares of Hamilton. Now here's the thing; the B shares have an interesting provision wherein they ...
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For spin-off situations, where can I find information on insider participation?

I'm going through the Form 10-12B for the 2015 HP/HPE spin-off. I'm wondering where on the form I would find information on insider participation, for example I'd like to answer the following ...
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Salary raise: before or after the spin-off / investment?

I have not much experience in dealing with shares, startups and spin-offs and hope for some advice. I work for a company as an "intrapreneur" for my own project but for a salary like a normal employee....
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Is there a simple valuation method for a spin-off

"Liberated Syndication" is being spun off. This may be the first publicly traded podcast company. S-1 shows positive earnings and 30% revenue growth. Is there a simple method to estimate ...
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What happens to my restricted stock in the eBay & PayPal spin-off?

Currently I hold vested restricted stock units in eBay. According to the media, after the spin-off, eBay shareholders will receive a PayPal stock for each eBay stock they own. Does this applies to ...
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1 answer

What are the advantages of spinning off a company?

A big story is the news this week is that Ebay is planning to spin-off PayPal into their own company. What are the advantages of such a move? On one side, I see this as only weakening Ebay, as it ...
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8 votes
3 answers

In the event of a corporate spin-off, how can I calculate the correct cost basis for each company's shares?

Consider this example: Siemens is going to have a spin-off (next Monday). If I owned, say, 10,000 shares of Siemens bought at an average price of 80 euros, my cost would be 800,000 euros. In the ...
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What happened to buyers of ABT right before the split?

Abbott Labs (ABT) split into two companies (ABT and ABBV) at the start of the new year. Shareholders of ABT on Dec. 12 received one share of ABBV for each share of ABT they owned on that date. As I ...
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