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Simple YTM calculation

I'm working the following problem, but getting the wrong answer. Any feedback appreciated. Suppose you bought a five-year zero-coupon Treasury bond for $800 per $1000 face value. Assume the yield to ...
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Making large payment on Mortgage not lowering maturity date

I recently began a 30-year fixed rate mortgage on my new house on April of 2020. The maturity date for this mortgage was then 04/01/2050. In their website, they had an amortization schedule with ...
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E/EE bond redemption by non-owner

I have a few mature bonds from childhood that have been sitting in a safe deposit box under my parents' control. I'm now an adult and currently live on the opposite coast. Obviously I could have the ...
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Compounding Interest

How to calculate compounding interest and maturity value of recurring deposit. e.g. Mr A deposit $ 1000 per month in bank @ 5% p.a. for 5 years. Interest compound quarterly. How t0 calculate maturity ...
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Why do some mutual funds or indexes have an average effective maturity that is way larger (2-4 times larger) than the average effective duration?

I would like to know if this difference occurs when the coupon payments are very large and/or if there are other reasons.
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How to research option maturity dates and volume [closed]

Hello stack exchangers How do I get a list of stocks with their option maturity dates and volume? I am interested in stocks that have frequent maturity dates and high volumes. Once I have a list ...
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Redemption Date and value of a Debt

In Indian Stock Market, When I searching for Debt Securities I found the following fields. Redemption Date Redemption Amount Conversion Date Conversion Amount What does it mean for? Is the ...
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UK bond yield below inflation rate means negative ROI likely if held until maturity?

Current UK bonds have nominal interest rates well below the current inflation rate, even the long-term ones. If we assume that, on average, the inflation rate remains the same or rises, and the bonds ...
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If bond yields fall by 1% across all maturities, which of the following bonds will increase in value the most?

10% coupon bond with 15 years to maturity 5% coupon bond with 15 years to maturity 10% coupon bond with 20 years to maturity 5% coupon bond with 20 years to maturity
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Is it totally legal to refuse the payment of mature commercial paper debt?

I was reading up about commercial paper on investopedia. It says that commercial paper is a form of short-term unsecured debt. It then goes on to say that Commercial paper is not usually backed ...
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On what date was a coupon payment last date? would it always be before maturity date?

For example, the corporate bonds pay a semi-annual coupon at the rate of 6.9% p.a. and mature on 15/April/2020. And the value of the bonds recorded in that bank's balance sheet was 4790 as at 31/...
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Can a bond ever be considered premium or discount if held to maturity?

I'm trying to understand bonds. I'm wondering if it is impossible to have a bond considered premium (or discount) if it is held for it's full maturity?
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Exit 5 year locked investment, is verbal promise from bank enough?

I have 3 year locked fixed-income investment, I talked with financial advisor and I was not able to take decision how to redirect it immediately so we agreed to meet in about a week. I met her as ...
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Ask value in the moment of maturity for bonds

Can a bond have a value above the nominal in the moment of maturity? For example, can a German Government Bond (nominal of 100%) that matures this month have a value of 120% for ask value? Or will it ...
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Difference between call and maturity values for preferred stocks

According to this quote from InvestingAnswers, a preferred stock might have a call date and a maturity date. But, if a preferred stock has both, it would seem the issuer is not going to pay out twice....
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Update on peer-to-peer lending sites - buyback guarantee and secondary market

I read several questions about peer-to-peer lending that were asked something like 5 years ago. I just started investing in two sites (A and B from Riga, Latvia). Apparently p2p investing today 2015/...
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How should I handle the maturation of my savings bonds?

I recently found out from my father that I own 5 U.S. savings bonds, valued at roughly 50 dollars when deposited, some of which are about to start maturing (one in 2017 will be worth around 90 dollars,...
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Investors may never recover ... losses from bond funds?

Source: In a rising interest rate world, ... own bonds or bond funds?, by Gail Bebee, 2013 Jul 2 Managing a bond portfolio takes work and is not feasible for smaller accounts. Consequently, many ...
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How to determine the final value of a U.S. Savings Bond at maturity?

Is it possible to determine the "final" value of a U.S. Savings Bond on its maturity date? The interest rate is fixed, the compounding periods are known (semi-annually for EE bonds), and the term is ...
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Questions about government bonds that have already matured

I have a family member that holds some bonds issued on real paper (like from trees). I have a few questions about mature bonds: Does a person have an indefinite period of time to cash them in? Where/...
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In a bond, what is the current yield?

What is a current yield and does it matter if you're holding a bond until maturity?
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Are long-term bonds risky assets?

I think bonds are debt/loan and fixed-income, so they are risk-free, both short term and long term. But it seems like Bodie's Investment thinks long-term bonds are risky: For example, assume that ...
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Does the market-value of a bond matter after purchase if waiting until "maturity"?

If I'm buying bonds at a certain value, and later on the market value drops (the company or country is in trouble, for example), but I still believe they would be able to pay – do I have ...
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Are short-term bond funds subject to the same risk as long-term bond funds?

So much in the news about inflation, and interest appreciation dooming long-term bond funds. Are short-term bond funds affected by the same risk? Does this make investing a portion of your portfolio ...
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