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Karate Club Membership that Requires a Bank Account

My kid is joining Karate Club and they want payment in the form of auto withdrawal from a bank account. I asked if they accept check or cash and they said no. They use some third party service to ...
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Debt in a foreign country

I have spent couple of months in Lithuania in the beginning of this year. I signed up for a gym membership for 1 year. But due to covid, I left Lithuania and came back to my non-EU home country. (I ...
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Why does Costco refuse credit card payments from non-Costco members in the United States?

Alice and Bob were doing some shopping at Costco in the United States. Bob is Costco member, and Alice isn't not. The cashier, citing Costco's policy, refused to accept Alice's credit card: Alice was ...
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Can you deduct membership to a doctor's office as a medical expense?

In the US, I'm trying to figure out if membership to my doctor's office is deductible. My office charges a $149 annual fee for access to the office, which allows them to provide good online tools, ...
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Can an LLC member give his ownership back to the company?

Say that an LLC was founded by four partners. Two have a 40% ownership stake in the company, two have a 10% stake. The company manages to break even every year. No profit distributions are made. ...
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Are the AARP benefits and discounts worth the yearly membership cost?

When considering organizations like AARP, what are the factors that makes these types of organizations valuable to members? Our main interests is to obtain term life insurance. I am sure there are ...
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Am I "cheating the system" by opening up a tiny account with a credit union and then immediately applying for a huge loan?

I've always wondered why credit unions require you to open a membership account before they'll approve a loan. Whenever I think about it, it feels like going to a credit union just for a loan is ...
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What portion of my rowing club membership fee is tax-deductible?

I am part of a rowing club in the US and pay a membership fee. The rowing club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, open to the public, and offers learn-to-row classes. The benefits that I receive for my ...
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Why do wholesale clubs charge annual memberships?

Why do warehouse / wholesale retails like Costco and Sam's Club charge yearly fees? I personally think the wholesale club fees are worth it, but I wonder why they do it.
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How can I save money on a gym / fitness membership? New Year's Resolution is to get in shape - but on the cheap!

Do gyms ever negotiate or haggle on price? Do they always insist on a term commitment? Are there any tips and tricks on ways to avoid paying through the nose?
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