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What happens to your Costco home insurance if your Costco membership lapse?

If you bought a home insurance through costco but then you don't renew your costco membership, what will happen to your home insurance? Does the insurance premium go up?
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Why does Costco refuse credit card payments from non-Costco members in the United States?

Alice and Bob were doing some shopping at Costco in the United States. Bob is Costco member, and Alice isn't not. The cashier, citing Costco's policy, refused to accept Alice's credit card: Alice was ...
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Can I use a costco gift card without being a costco member [closed]

If I have a Costco gift card, do I need to still register as a Costco member to be able to use it?
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Why do wholesale clubs charge annual memberships?

Why do warehouse / wholesale retails like Costco and Sam's Club charge yearly fees? I personally think the wholesale club fees are worth it, but I wonder why they do it.
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Are warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam's Club worth it?

Are warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam's Club worth it? What's the best way to approach buying at these stores - buying everything there instead of the grocery store, or buying specific things? ...
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