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Did the tax laws regarding trusts significantly change?

I saw a YouTube video come up that said something about how some of the tax incentives of trusts significantly changed in the US tax code. The video said it was changed very quickly in a way people ...
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How can I dispose of Lukoil shares legally?

I have an inherited investment trust account from my father, who died in 2019, which included approximately 10 shares of Lukoil stock, which has subsequently been sanctioned by the US Government. I am ...
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Do investors have any copyrights on the application they invest on? [closed]

Considering I am the founder of Instagram, it means I have written 100% of the application code by myself, then found an investor and they put some money into the startup and got 30% of the new ...
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Which institutions will hold a real estate "trust deed"?

Pardon me if my question is stupid. I was Googling what a Trust deed is and in one of the websites, there is the following phrase. A trust deed—also known as a deed of trust—is a document sometimes ...
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How can I word a life estate for myself without saying Life Estate?

I'm disabled and considering structuring a mortgage assumption to buy a primary home in Texas. My strategy is to have the seller settle a living estate trust that will bi pass me and convey to my ...
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Can an ETF structured as a UIT be "restructured" to "new style ETF", whatever this is?

As we learn from several questions such as "Why will SPY terminate in 2118?" and "Do all ETFs have an expiry date similar to SPY?", SPY is structured as a Unit Investment Trust (...
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Is Fidelity an IRS approved custodian?

My employer offers a Simple IRA match. The plan they've set up allows me to select the financial institution that will serve as trustee or custodian1. I see many references to Fidelity in my ...
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Effect of holding a publicly traded royalty trust in a traditional IRA?

Does anyone know what the effect of holding a publicly traded trust like Mesabi Trust (MSB) in a traditional IRA account? This is what I've found so far on the Mesabi website: For income tax ...
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Private foundation for personal use

Could one set up a personal private foundation, make contributions which are tax deductable, invest and only get the 2% tax, and have the 5% grant payout to yourself? It seems to be what most of the ...
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How is "The People's Trust" not just another Investment Trust?

So there is this thing called "The People's Trust" been getting some media coverage recently (for example, here and here and here). While I like the idea of someone (claiming to be) trying to do ...
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