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Do investors have any copyrights on the application they invest on? [closed]

Considering I am the founder of Instagram, it means I have written 100% of the application code by myself, then found an investor and they put some money into the startup and got 30% of the new ...
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Investment analysis software [closed]

I'm looking for software for investment analysis. It should be able to calculate and visualize: NPV Net present value of an investment after 3, 5, 10 years IRR Internal rate of return ROI Return ...
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Paying taxes after Google Play ad revenue

I tried Googling everywhere but failed miserably. Could anyone tell me some reliable resources on paying taxes after ad revenue gained from apps uploaded to Google Play? As far as I know In my ...
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US Stock Market - volume based real-time alert [closed]

I am looking for SMS/email based alerts (or Android/Mac) that is configurable based on volume. I want to be able to catch sudden spikes in volume so it needs to be monitored real-time. The closest ...
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Is there any "Personal" Finance app that allows 2 administrators?

I'm an advocate of marriage meaning together in everything. Sometimes even work. But i've had some trouble finding a "Personal" finance app that would allow me to make shared budgeting and allow ...
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online personal finance software that I can host myself

I am currently using MS Money for tracking my finances, and would like to switch to an online solution that I can access from anywhere. The problem is, I don't really trust some website to have ...
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What is a Canadian equivalent to

Is there a canadian equivalent to Sharebuilder? A site which contains the same functionality, and provides the same services at roughly the same price point?
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Historical US federal income tax rates

Is there any good online source for historical federal income tax rates in US comparison? I'll explain the problem: there are may good sources for marginal rates and income brackets, what I am ...
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Can I use without giving out bank details & manually enter transactions instead?

Can I use without giving out my bank details (credentials), and manually enter my transactions instead?
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Investment Portfolio Analysis: Could you recommend software or a web application with these features?

I'm looking for software to track my various investments. I have brokerage accounts at TDAmeritrade, Interactive Brokers and ShareBuilder (now part of ING). I also have a 401K at ING. What I'd like ...
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What's a good personal finance management web app that I can use in Canada? [closed]

I'm looking for an intuitive free to use personal finance management web application. There's a whole bunch of them out there and the few that seems modern are: www....
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Should I trust barcode iPhone apps? Are they secure for rewards and airmiles points collection?

My husband downloaded all kinds of iPhone apps that mimic the barcodes on my rewards cards such as AirMiles, Aeroplan, Longo's, Hallmark etc. Are these types of applications secure?
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Which non-bank-specific online money management applications work for Canadian banks? has languished for years (over three now) in not supporting Canadian banks. Given that we only have a few, you would think it to be a small amount of work. Update: now supports ...
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Quicken 2008 Online Balance vs. Ending Balance?

I'm using Quicken 2008, I'm pondering upgrading to the 2010 edition, but...I'm having some problems; the online balance says I have like 3,000 some dollars and my Ending Balance says that I have like ...
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Online money management applications: Do you trust or Quicken Online, or other personal finance tools online?

For online applications such as Mint and Quicken (online), to automatically update your accounts, they'll always ask you to enter your login info to your banking and/or investment accounts. Do you ...
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