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Leaving country soon, can I leave my bank accounts open?

I am a Tunisian citizen currently residing in Turkey with a work permit. However, due to a restructuring in the startup I worked for, I've been laid off and my work permit will not be renewed. As it's ...
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Do we need to show foreign asset's (US stocks) dividend in ITR filing, That even not withdrawn from the broker (US stock broker)?

I have purchased foreign assets (US stocks) using the INDMoney app for about 5000 rupees from india. And I have received dividends for that stocks in US broker website. Dividends are very low and I ...
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Are there any accumulative ETFs domiciled in the US? If none or few, why? [duplicate]

US domiciled ETFs always distribute dividends and make you pay 30% tax on the dividends if you are a foreign investor. I'm looking for ETFs domiciled in the US that do not distribute gains but I ...
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What are the advantages/disadvantages of investing in foreign currency?

I am learning about brokerage accounts and how investors diversify their portfolios within their brokerage or other investment accounts. One of the things I have noticed, especially in the U.S., is ...
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In accordance with IRS regulations filing of an FBAR is required in my case

I have approximately $26,600.00 in a foreign bank account...this account is used for daily living expenses. I am wondering when reporting this on IRS Form 8938 if I will have to pay US Taxes on this ...
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FBAR: How to determine aggregage maximum account value?

Suppose you have two foreign accounts: A and B. Is the formula for determining "aggregate maximum value" for foreign accounts as defined by Fincen max(A) + max(B) or max(A + B)? This would obviously ...
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Is it mandatory to convert normal savings account to NRO/NRE account if there is no money to deposit from outside India?

If there is no money to deposit from outside India to Indian account, though the status is NRI, is it mandatory to convert savings account to NRI/NRE account? What are the penalties of not ...
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