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How can I open a student bank account when I am getting rejected for not having enough credit history?

I am presently a university student in the United Kingdom. I attempted to establish a student bank account through HSBC, but my application was declined due to a poor credit score. After some online ...
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4 answers

How can I check my credit score in the UK?

How can I check my credit score in the UK, and what is the safest way to do this? e.g. should I use I am keen not to do anything that may risk hurting my credit score. (...
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What are the risks of paying rent through CreditLadder or a similar company?

In the UK, paying rent is not normally reported to credit agencies. Landlords who own more than 100 properties can report this to Experian, but the vast majority of landlords have less properties. ...
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Do I not have a credit score?

Today I tried to access my credit report for the first time from the three major agencies using When accessed through Experian, it gave me a generic error that my report wasn'...
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18 votes
4 answers

Do credit checks affect credit scores?

I've heard what I believe to be a myth surrounding credit scores being affected by companies (loan, mortgage etc.) checking your file. I used to have an experian account, and I noticed quite a few ...
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How do I find out the recent negative information on my credit score?

I am accessing my Experian credit report from their website. In the summary of my account there is a tab for "Negative Information", where it states that it has been 0.5 Years since the last time ...
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Calculate 'Credit Score' from Experian statutory credit report?

I ordered a statutory credit report from Experian (UK) last week and it came today. I forgot that it doesn't include a one-off credit score with the report. Is it possible to calculate a credit ...
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TEC Credit Score - What is it and what are my rights?

Recently I moved to a new state and needed to get signed up with the local electric company. They ran a credit check on me and determined that I needed to pay a $200 deposit. They said this was ...
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How can I request a free copy of my credit report from Experian Canada?

In Canada we can request a credit report for free through the mail. I had no trouble finding TransUnion's or Equifax's request forms on their website, but Experian is another story. Their Canadian ...
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