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Questions around the idea of borrowing rather than owning an asset. Could apply to real estate as well as other assets as cars can be rented as well.

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Renting my first Apartment at 61

I am 61 years of age, retired and I have never rented an apartment or bought a house. I currently live in a single family home (which I will be inheriting soon) which I plan to sell next year and move ...
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How does 90 day notice work in New York State when renting

Say I have a lease for an apartment in New York (not NYC). Say I have rented for more than two years. According to site: landlord must provide you with 90 days advanced written notice before ...
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My boyfriend pays my rent + utilities. I don't have a job. Do i consider that as income?

My boyfriend gives me money (634) every month to pay my rent + water, & pays my electric bill w/his credit card. Sometimes he gives a check to the landlord for rent + water. Do i consider/report ...
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How to pay (and account for) the portion of rent (or fuel) for business use (LLC)?

I co-own an two-member LLC with my wife. We're in the US. We own a car, and rent a home. For operating our LLC, we'll use a separate room exclusively and regularly for business use only (admin and ...
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Joint owned property 50% each. Can 50% rent be charged?

My sister has lived in a property that was passed to us both in our parents' will. She has never offered to pay any rent in a mortgage-free house with her and her three children. This has been going ...
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Is a 11% increase in rent reasonable in Canada for 2023?

There was a major renovation in my apartment complex, I did accept my rent increase, but I am wondering if I should have. My reasoning was that the rent increase in the previous years were reasonable ...
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Early lease cancelation in New Jersey

I rented an apartment in New Jersey before starting my job, right after I had my H1-B interview and I was told my visa was approved. Now I just found out that my visa was sent for administrative ...
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Am I supposed to buy insurance when renting apartments in the US?

Are tenants supposed to have some kind of rented property damage insurance? What are the customs in the US? In other words: should I find an insurance company that covers expenses if I damage anything ...
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Tax implications of free rent as compensation

I recently took a part-time job at my apartment building and I am compensated with a free apartment. I filled out a W4 when I took the job, but my manager is unsure if I will receive a W2 at the end ...
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Is it reasonable to expect an adjustment to prorated rent upon early move out?

I'm familiar with the idea of prorated rent but am in a situation that's new to me with a bit of a twist. In the past I've always been the one to set the move out date but this round our landlord set ...
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In Islamic mortgage, is rent going towards paying for the house?

If I get an Islamic mortgage for 200k, the bank might charge 210k, with the 10k being the profit they would take instead of interest. The monthly repayments for this mortgage will be split in two - ...
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Is there a renter vandalism insurance

I'm renting out my house soon, it there some kind of insurance I can buy to protect me from renter vandalism? I'm living in the Northeast coasts of the US.
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UK Finance: When calculating rent affordability, why aren't council tax, utility bills factored in?

I have two questions In this rent affordability calculator, is the "Applicant Minimum Salary" referring to salary AFTER taxes? If yes, then it all makes sense. I don't need an answer for ...
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purchasing a car with a trial period

A stranger is selling their car for $5000 and I like it for that price. But, instead of a straight purchase, I want to arrange a deal in which I pay $5000 in full now (without any loans) but can ...
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Can a company rent stock shares instead of selling them?

I'm beginner in stocks. I know that public companies can sell their stock shares, but what about renting them for a period of time and getting them back? Are there any certain examples that a company ...
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How to setup a canadian CIBC bank account, from the US?

I am an international student (US citizen currently residing in the US). I will be going to university in Toronto Canada in a couple of weeks. I have arranged to pay rent for a single room apartment, ...
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At what point is it better to buy a home vs continue renting? What additional costs of owning a home should we consider? [duplicate]

I know this question has been asked lots of times before. I read this question which tells me at some point it is best to buy instead of continue renting forever. My situation is that I have a ...
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All of a sudden my money supply cut off and I have no money, what do I do?

I'm done for. I said some things to my abusive manipulative father and he finally snapped. He's not paying for anything for me anymore. The only reason I still talked to him was because he was paying ...
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(COVID) How to request fine reduction? (USA-NJ)

I have been renting a unit with Newport Management, Jersey City since August 2020 and have been on time with my rent for the past 11 months. For the last 6 months I am unemployed and have no income, ...
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Social Security vs SSI: cash gifts, free rent, etc. (USA)

I understand the social security administration may reduce SSI benefits if the recipient receives cash gifts, free rent, etc. What about normal social security benefits or retirement benefits? Are ...
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Paying for a flat renovation to reduce rent payments in the future

A friend of mine owns an old house which requires renovation. They proposed me to pay for the renovation, and in exchange, I could live in the house and pay a smaller rent (or perhaps no rent for a ...
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Changing rental payment date

I could do with changing the date of my rent payment to co-incide with the payday of my new job. Normally I pay my rent on the 11th of each month, but I get paid on the 25th. Let's say my rent is £500 ...
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Handling rent debt in California

Due to the pandemic, I was unable to pay rent for my apartment complex that I have now moved out of. I do not have the money to pay this debt because I was unemployed because of the pandemic. ...
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Why would a bank not "buy a house for me" if they own the house until I've paid it anyway? [duplicate]

I find myself in a situation where I'm trying to buy a house, but don't have the money readily available. And my bank won't give me a loan, in spite of not having any problems with loans/money in the ...
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My landlord claims I didn't pay rent even though I can prove I did - What can I do? [closed]

I got a letter from my landlord saying I missed 3 month rent. The letter said if I do not pay those 3 month rent in cash, she will take me to the court and evict me. I paid rent every month and never ...
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Landlord making up charges

We recently moved out of an apartment. Our lease term was completed with no dues on utilities etc. I was never late on paying rent etc. The lease was ending on Feb-27th, but we returned keys on Feb-...
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Can my landlord live in a property I rent if I move out before the lease ends?

We moved out two months earlier than our lease ends, but are still fully prepared to keep paying rent until May. We were responsible for getting the lawn mowed, so I had my dad go mow it. While he was ...
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In the US, is it normal to not include an electronic way to pay rent?

A property manager requires rent to be paid using check. Is it normal that rent cannot be paid using electronic methods such as a credit/debit card, or a bank transfer, or Paypal, or anything ...
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Asking for my phone number while offering hard-to-believe low rent in Manhattan — is this a potential rental scam?

Today, I responded to a couple of Craigslist ads for rentals in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, where I currently live. The rent advertised is about half of what I currently pay, so naturally I am ...
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Why don't most unfurnished rentals in the US accept the option of paying rent upfront, instead of doing credit checks?

In the US at least, if you want to rent a home found on a typical rental listing site like Trulia/Zillow/, the owner (an individual or a property management company) makes you ...
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I saw the place and have a signed agreement, might this still be scam?

Note: This is happening in Germany so the relevant document is in German. Translations to English are my own. TLDR: After visiting a place the landlord and I signed a document "Protokoll des ...
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Can I use my investment savings as a source of income to be considered for a loan?

I'm currently receiving public benefits from the Social Security Administration and my state's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP). I've been on these programmes for many years. I've ...
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Are there any avenues for hedging against the risk of a broke landlord?

My family rents our primary residence in a major city and we pay significant monthly rent, enough to cover two or three mortgage payments in a cheap juridisction. One of the key reasons I have been a ...
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Current renter wants me to mail application and check to them instead of landlord — is this legitimate?

I responded to an ad on Facebook Marketplace for an apartment. The ad said that they weren't the landlord, but were looking to move out before their lease was up. When I contacted them for a showing ...
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Landlord cashed cheque from government rent support and said he didn’t receive it

A legal question as a tenant in Alberta, Canada: Over Covid my fiancé qualified for some rent support. They sent three supplement cheques directly to our landlord. He said he only received two, but we ...
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Are there standard mathematical models for rent vs. buy?

The internet has a lot of "calculators" to decide on rent vs buy. However I think there can be simple mathematical models/formulae to make this decision. I see the following variables, some ...
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What is the best way to start investing in real estate if you have no experience?

I want to buy a condo to live in as a starter home but want to begin renting it out at some point after I buy it, presumably when I have enough money to buy a larger home, as opposed to just selling ...
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Is there any reason to not buy if mortgage is comparable to rent?

I'm curious: Say if you could buy a property or choose to rent and the mortgage per month on the property is similar to (or even lower) than the rent in your area, is there any reason to not buy? ...
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Tax consequences of paying "rent" to romantic partner that owns the house

I moved in with my romantic partner nine months ago. My partner owns 100% of the property and pay about $1000 per month to the mortgage (minimum is something like $300). Partner had no intention of ...
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I just started a new job in D.C. and looking to buy my first home. I have a few questions, and any help I can get would be very much appreciated

Background: I just got a new job in downtown D.C. and I'm interested in buying my first home since interest rates are low and I have excellent credit (750-ish). I will be making 130K a year. I have ...
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Is it a bad idea to buy a home with the intention of renting out a room?

With my lease expiring soon (house with 2 roommates), I am looking to purchase a home with total cost of debt, tax, expected maintenance, and insurance less than my current rent payments (or within $...
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Should I tell my landlord that I am considering not renewing?

My lease is up for renewal in the not so distant future. My landlord recently contacted me to say they want to increase my rent by 2%. Which is not itself much, but the rent was already pretty high. I ...
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Roommate/co-tenant said she would renew but lied after I sign lease - invalid lease?

So, my roommates and I planned to sign a lease renewal as co-tenants in NYC. While some of the roommates already signed it, the others changed their mind last minute. This unfortunately means the ...
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I owe rent for a month and my landord is threatening me to move my stuff out of the house

This is Covid19 pandemic time and I understand that it is a tough time for everyone. I'm living in a rented single room in a shared-house with a verbal agreement (No on-paper lease) in MA, US. As ...
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Should I take my landlord's variable rent rate offer?

My apartment complex's landlord sent out an email to everyone, offering to change our rent amount to the following: $400 per month paid via check, plus 10% of monthly post-tax earnings, set up via ...
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Am I bound to the existing lease then?

I am an international student from India. I am studying in Saint Louis in the USA. In the summer of 2019 I went back to India giving my room for a sublet. I know the person who was taking temporary ...
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How to negotiate rent renewal when house prices are decreasing?

My rental contract is due for renewal in a few months. Currently, in the UK, house prices are decreasing, so it seems fair to ask for a slight decrease in rent to represent market rates. Ideally, I'...
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GNUcash - temporary funds received for purchase?

Where I live we have an app where we can transfer cash to each other. This morning for example, my girlfriend sent me 3750 so that I'd send 7500 to our landlord for rent. Where would i get these funds ...
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What are potential downsides of asking back half of my rental deposit from the landlord?

I rented an apartment about 2.5 years ago. During this time, I was still a student and the landlord considered my income situation to not be entirely stable, so he asked me for twice the original ...
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Will not paying rent in the UK due to loss of income (COVID) be reported on the credit score file?

Background: Landlords do not have to pay their mortgage. Landlords will also be protected as 3-month mortgage payment holiday is extended to Buy to Let mortgages At the end of this period, landlords ...
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