Did anyone get their passport back from IRS for their ITIN W7 application along with their I-1040? If yes, I'd like to know the mail class they used to return the document. The IRS site says the original document will be returned through "postage paid standard US mail". We did a change of address and I was hoping the mail forwarding would work for the original documents as well. I tried to follow up with the IRS but I'm also trying to learn what might have happened and why the mail didn't forward to my new address. I did receive my ITIN through mail forwarding. I'm hoping that they sent my passport by a mail class that has a tracking ability.

I like to hear from people who received their original document.

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According to IRS document (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw7.pdf)

Original documents you submit will be returned to you at the mailing address shown on your Form W-7. You do not need to provide a return envelope. Applicants are permitted to include a prepaid Express Mail or courier envelope for faster return delivery of their documents. The IRS will then return the documents in the envelope provided by the applicant.

*emphasis is mine

This would suggest that unless you provide a different mailing option to them, they will return to you via the standard USPS First Class Mail (although probably metered for them).

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