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I got a USPS insurance check today for a package I got yesterday

So there was a USPS package I was supposed to have gotten on Sept 1, per Informed Delivery. I waited several more business days, just in case, and then went to the post office to ask about it and they ...
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LLC set up at someone else's home - what's the scam?

This didn't happen to me, but this was posted on a local blog I follow and I was curious what the scam was. Someone setup an LLC using my home address. It is a single-family home, and we have owned ...
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Can I submit my U.S. state income taxes in multiple envelopes?

I have a 12 page return and I have a number or pre-stamped envelopes. I read that I should only put 3-4 pages in each envelope. Can I submit them in multiple envelopes?
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How do I find the correct address for mailing my LATE 2020 1040

My wife and I still need to file our 2020 federal taxes. It's now past the e-file deadline (d'oh). We don't owe anything, nor expect a big refund... just need to get the paperwork on file ASAP. Since ...
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USPS May have lost my tax return. Cannot check status?

Unlike other 200 IQ folks, I just mailed my tax return in an envelope with a stamp. So I have no registered mail or tracking. I mailed it on March 22, it's May 10, 7 weeks later, and still no sign. ...
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Is there any way to "certify the content" when mailing documents from France to a financial institution also located in France? [closed]

I'm having some issues with a French financial institution, which claims they are some missing pages in some forms I sent them via registered mail. While registered mail certifies the reception, it ...
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Am I getting Craigslist scammed?

I am selling a mower on Craigslist and I received this in a text: FRM: Harry Luong SUBJ: Re: Hey, is still for sale? MSG: Great I saw the detail on the Ad and I'm okay with the price &...
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Why is shipping for a small item cheaper to a commercial address? Can I take advantage?

Browsing eBay (USA) I saw an item with these characteristics: 24 x 18 x 12 inches (60 x 45 x 30) About 60 lbs Shipping was running about $145 to my address, which was ~40% of the price of the item. ...
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Can I use a property I own as a permanent mailing address even if I'm renting it to someone else?

This SE is the most applicable I think because it is in the context of business (renting) and personal finance (permanent address) logistics, even if mainly about mail. A friend bought a property in ...
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Tariff on purchase from China on Ebay

If I order a knit hat on Ebay directly from China, how is the 10% (increasing to 25% on Friday per Donald Trump's tweet) tariff paid? It's possible that the Ebay seller pays the tariff and tariff ...
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In USA, what circumstances (if any) make it illegal for a homeless person to "rent" an address?

I retired in 2014, sold my house (in USA) and hit the road. I spend much more time out of USA than in it. But I don't stay in one place long enough to justify telling people/businesses a new address....
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Recieved text message about package I didn't order? [closed]

I recieved a text message which claims to be from DHL Express. This message contains a delivery date and what appears to be a tracking number. I went on the DHL website and entered the tracking number,...
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A payee hasn't received a check I sent them. What can I do?

My fiancée and I sent out a check to the DJ for our upcoming wedding to fulfill our remaining debt to them of $600. We don't owe them this final payment for several months still, but we wanted to ...
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California tells me I didn't file documents for an LLC that isn't mine. What do I do?

I received a notice in the mail this last December from the CA Secretary of State telling me of possible delinquency for an LLC I have never heard of. It indicated that I had not submitted my LLC-12R ...
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Can a custodian refuse prior-year IRA/HSA deposit postmarked April 15?

When switching from a bank to a credit union for an HSA. The old bank had the following text on the DEPOSIT SLIP, which was provided in the envelope together with their VISA debit card: Prior year ...
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"To open: fold and tear along perforation" -- why?

Why does some financial mail come in perforated envelopes rather than normal, sealed envelopes? Is it because they contain sensitive information, and normal envelope seals can be carefully opened and ...
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Certified receipt from IRS

We need to send a certified letter (return receipt) to the IRS for a insolvent estate. What is the address?
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Sending mail to IRS by which postal method or courier?

This is the first time I am sending mail and a check inside an envelope to the IRS and I am wondering should I use certified mail by USPS for sending my envelope, or would simple USPS mail be fine? ...
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What is the class of mail the IRS uses to return the original documents submitted for an ITIN application?

Did anyone get their passport back from IRS for their ITIN W7 application along with their I-1040? If yes, I'd like to know the mail class they used to return the document. The IRS site says the ...
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Why am I getting "Pre-approved" loans from random financial institutions in the mail?

Lately I've been getting letters in the mail saying that I've been pre-approved for a $2000 dollar loan by some random bank or financial institutions. I've never given out my address to anyone. I ...
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Is it safe to accept money in the mail?

I currently run a website that sells site currency users can purchase with PayPal. The currency they purchase is for on-site items and not physical goods. However, I've had some users request a way to ...
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Can multiple Form 4868 be placed in same envelope?

When filing automatic extension of time to file with no tax due, can multiple extensions with the same address be placed in the same envelope or need they be mailed individually?
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