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Questions tagged [remote-work]

Questions directly related to employment not performed at the employers' premises.

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2 answers

Tax implication – Working for California Employer for 2 months from Washington state?

Moved to Washington (from California) in November, while continued to work for CA employer until mid-March. Payroll was switched to Washington state mid-March. As I understand, California taxes will ...
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3 answers

Federal income tax as nonresident alien working outside of USA remotely for US employer

As a non-US citizen, I have been working for a US employer remotely from outside the USA since July 2022 (previously in USA with H1B visa for 5.5 years, and waiting for green card processing since H1B ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why would an employer not allow state reciprocity?

I let my not-for-profit employer in Virginia know I was moving to Pennsylvania, and not until AFTER I moved did they tell me it was not an approved state for reciprocity. Why would they not allow an ...
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Is filing taxes necesssary for a non-resident alien working remotely from abroad

This question is for a cousin of mine, who is a citizen of the UAE. In January 2019, she went to the US (Washington State) for her master's studies. She has a US SSN which she got for some on-campus ...
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