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Double self-employment tax (MA state and federal)?

I am living in Hong Kong but paying taxes as a US citizen to the US. The company I work for is in MA. Although I receive a 1099-NEC, in actual practice I am a part-time employee. I understand that I ...
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Is it correct to charge sales tax on fee imposed by car-rental company?

On what amount should local and state taxes be computed, on the base rental price alone or after having added to it all the rental company-imposed fees? In other words, does one need to pay taxes on ...
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International Non-Resident Spouse CA Tax Filing and Community Income

Indian citizen working and living in California since 2019 and considered a CA resident for tax purposes. Got married in Nov 2021 to my wife who lives in India. She did not join me in the US in 2021 ...
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How can increasing the max of SALT deductions from 10kUSD to 72.5kUSD cause an average tax cut of 145kUSD for the top 0.1% earners (>1MUSD) in the US?

I read an article from Fox Business (mirror 1, mirror 2) about the proposed change to the State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions: Under the latest proposal currently being considered by the House ...
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Webpay for CA tax return not allowed owing to absence of previous records

I want to pay to CA state through web pay my tax due for 2020, but I am not allowed to register because I don't have a previous tax return. I am filing as non-resident alien. How can I make this ...
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How are the taxes calculated when a person lived and worked in two different states

Let's assume that in the beginning of the year a person lived and worked in one state and then relocated to another state. For simplicity, in total the person earned 200k and it is evenly distributed (...
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Does charity contributions come under itemized deductions of California state w4 form?

I am trying to understand why State of California has no line for charity contributions or I may be something. For example, in the Worksheet B of this form, line 1, it only talks about the itemized ...
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Apartment on lease in two states but have always lived in one state, do I have to pay state tax in both states?

I live in NJ and work in NY. However, I have also leased an apartment in my name in Delaware. But I've never lived in Delaware. Do I have to pay tax for Delaware state as well? My friend used to ...
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State Income tax when splitting a day between states (in the USA)

First of all, I realize that when traveling to another state for employment it is commonplace to owe taxes in that state for the work performed+sourced in that state. Example: you work/live in ...
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Do I need to file taxes in a specific state if a small portion of my income was paid by a company based there?

I am a resident of New York for tax purposes, but conducted a small amount of freelance work with a company based in California in 2018. They issued payment via direct deposit and my bank ...
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My husband and I live in NJ but he works in PA. Where to declare the income?

My husband and I both live in NJ. He works in PA. I work in NJ. For the NJ state returns, should this be my income only and the PA state form be his income only? Or should both incomes be listed ...
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Procedure to mail 1040NR-EZ, 540NR from outside of US

I have to mail my federal and state tax returns 1040NR-EZ and 540NR to IRS and FTB, CA respectively from India? What are the mailing addresses and which is the best courier service to choose to ensure ...
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I live in Texas and remotely work for a New Jersey company. Do I need pay NJ state tax?

I did a bit research, but am still confused. TX does not collect state tax, but NJ does. Say I have only one wage (just to simplify my case), which comes from a NJ-based company for which I remotely ...
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1099'd Telecommuter - I work by phone from SC with CA company - who gets state tax?

I am a 1099'd telecommuter that used to live in California. I moved to South Carolina in 2017. I need to file 2017 taxes with 4 months in CA, 8 months in SC. In 2018 I will need to file 12 months in ...
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Should I file my income taxes in NY or DC?

For the past 10 months I have lived and worked in DC for a DC-based company. I still own a home in NY. Should I file my 2016 taxes in DC or NY?
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Does TurboTax mail my state forms for me?

I just filed with TurboTax, and it mentioned along the filing process that my state taxes (for Idaho) have to be filed by mail, though they didn't show the forms to actually mail in. Does that mean ...
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Is there any state tax (California) advantage to putting money into a limited purpose FSA versus putting it all into an HSA?

For example, I will not be contributing enough to max out my HSA contributions, so would there be any benefit to putting extra money for my child's braces into the LPFSA, or should I just put it all ...
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What to consider when opening a 529 account

I've got a new baby and am planning on opening a 529 account to begin saving for her education. I know these accounts have state tax incentives but I don't know what to look at when researching them. ...
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Understanding taxes when buying goods at a store

I am a bit confused about retail sales taxes. Today I bought $4 worth of goods (PowerAde and pudding) and the tax was $0.01, even though my state (Maryland) has a sales tax of 6%. Why do some goods ...
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