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How to check if somebody in Nigeria is in need or a scammer?

My girlfriend has a remote friend in Nigeria with whom she has corresponded from time to time for a couple of years already. He never asked her for money in the past. However, he is now writing to her ...
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I have paid money in Nigeria

I have paid a guy in Nigeria in the context that there is a package coming to me in Kuwait. He has been asking for money again anad again and has been swearing that once this payment is done, the ...
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Why do Nigerian email scammers openly say they are from Nigeria?

I know that a significant part of Nigerian scammers are indeed working from Nigeria. A scam starts with exchanging messages. Physical contact is not to be expected. It is widely known that scammer ...
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Funds deposited in my bank account. Account closed for suspicious activity. Is this a scam?

Here's an interesting story. I lost my job and I needed extra income so when I was looking for a sugar daddy on Instagram, I met a guy. He claims that he is a Business Contractor and is working ...
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How to claim living / transport / visa expenditure in Income tax for working in abroad while being a Indian Resident working for that financial year

I was working in India till oct 2014, and have paid all my taxes from April 2014 till Nov 2014 as per my employment in India, after that I moved to abroad in Nov 2014 for my employment. I have spent ...
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