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Do MLPs report identifiable information about unit holders to federal or state governments?

Unit holders of MLPs receive a schedule K-1 form to use in tax filing. Often these partnerships operate in many states, and you'll also receive a state specific k-1 form. For example, Enterprise ...
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Is an American waterfall (distribution) ever preferable to a European waterfall for an LP?

Waterfalls outline how cashflow will be distributed between general partners and limited partners. In the European version, the GP (sponsors) do not receive carry until the LPs original investment is ...
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What, exactly, makes an "unrelated business" unrelated in the case of junior partnerships held inside IRAs?

My question is concerning the unrelated business income tax on partnership interests inside a Roth IRA. Specifically, I own common stock in a company that's technically classified as a Limited ...
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Where do Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) lie on the risk/yield spectrum?

MLPs are required to pay profits to their limited partners. Dividend stocks can choose to stop paying dividends. Corporate bonds payments are fixed interest (a set number) but MLP payments are usually ...
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Limited Liability Partnership capital calculation [closed]

This business is regarding a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Would it be possible to make drawings from accumulated funds (aka Retained Earnings), shouldn't drawings be done from the partnership ...
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How to report a personal expense for an LLC partnership paid in one year and reimbursed in another?

My business partner and I have a very small partnership LLC. This is my first year filing IRS tax forms for the LLC. In late 2014 I made a $30 purchase (from my personal money) on behalf of the LLC. ...
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Outstanding cosigned loan and Bankrupt ex-partner

Background: I started a business (LLC) with a partner about 3 years ago. We took out a business Line of Credit. Because the business didn't have credit of its own, we both cosigned. 1.5 years ago ...
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How do I look for private limited partnership investment opportunities? (Or should I?)

I am interested in seeking out local private companies that are interested in raising additional capital by taking on limited partner investors. Is this something that even happens? Is this even a ...
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