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Tax implications of long term financial advisor fraud

Our family trusted financial advisor that was entrusted with over a million dollars (over the past 10 years) filed for his company and personal bankruptcy earlier this year. He admits sending out ...
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I have paper-filed my federal tax but I am not sure if IRS has received it. Should I file an extension?

Because of my immigration status in the US, I have to paper-file my tax form 1040NR-EZ. Then I lost my USPS tracking number and IRS's Where's My Refund doesn't have my info. Should I file an extension ...
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Filing automatic extension for 2015 taxes; what amount for line 4

I've decided to use a CPA this year to file my taxes. I used turbotax to go through the motions, but for a little more money I'd rather have a pro deal with this. Understandably he's over capacity ...
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Can I apply for an extension of time to file tax return between April 15 and July 15 2020?

I can usually apply for an tax return extension before Tax day (Apr 15) however this year tax return deadline was moved to July 15 - does it mean that I can apply for an extension after Apr 15 but ...
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Add money to amount paid with tax filing extension

I already filed a Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. At the time I sent the extension, before the tax filing deadline, I was not able to ...
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2023 Fed Tax - I am owed a refund, but I am unable to file on time, do I need to file extension

For 2023 Federal Tax I am owed a refund but I am unable to file on time Do I need to request an extension? When I google this, non-IRS websites say no, I don't need to file extension if I am owed a ...
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Washington State tax filing extension?

I just filed a federal tax-filing-deadline extension for myself. Does Washington state require a separate one? Turbo Tax didn't mention anything about it (I used it to file my extension) and it ...
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What tax form do I use to file 2021 federal taxes AFTER extension?

Filing paper form 4868 for extension. Still making payment by check. What form do I use to file 2021 federal taxes? I searched instructions and it says put payment I made in Schedule 3, Line 10. Where ...
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How do I find out if my CPA filed an extension? [closed]

I have had my taxes prepared by this CPA in past years. However, for this year, 2015, he advised he filed for an extension. He said there was a problem as I am on Social Security now. I have sent him ...
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