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When Estonian private limited company has to provide annual tax report

I am trying to know the basics about taxation in Estonia. The question is if company was establish 09 of September, so when it should provide annual report? Please point me to some public documents. ...
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Am I taxed on the capital passed to my personal account when closing the company in Estonia?

I am a freelance software developer from France. I lead a few others which I hire as contractors to work for companies. I am thinking about opening a company in Estonia as it seems I would be less ...
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Would it be advisable to withdraw money from the Estonian pension system?

The Estonian pension system consists of three "pillars": State pension: some base amount + amount based on work experience. Taxed as regular income at 20%. Mandatory Funded pension: The 2+4 pillar. ...
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How does a US citizen residing in the US file taxes for earnings in an Estonian Company?

As an e-resident of Estonian, I worked for my Estonian company in the US working with US contracts. I earned income (say $100k) that was partially distributed to myself as the sole owner (say $50k ...
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Can personal income information be provably shared in Estonia?

Is it possible for an Estonian citizen to produce a government-signed document stating their income as it appears on their tax return? Maybe an electronically signed tax return transcript could be ...
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Would I need to pay VAT on this income?

Suppose I am self-employed i.e. autónomo in Spain. I work for an Estonian company and I send them bills. They will pay me the bills back. From the amount the pay me, do I need to declare and ...
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Does paying salary count as distribution of profits for an Estonian business?

I am a UK resident, IT freelancer with a UK limited company working with a US client. I am wondering if it makes more sense to switch to an Estonian company. Having read the following article I am ...
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Best investment with just 1800 Euros in Estonia [closed]

I have won a stipend for next 5 mounts of my education in Estonia. I just thought maybe it is better to invest the rest of my money, since I do not need it in the next semester. The problem is, I do ...
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To minimize the spread costs in shopping in the North or Europe

I just noted that my Norwegian Nordea's Visa Debit card's spread is 2,56% when I pay my shoppings with it in Estonia: >>> a=7.33 // Google showed this course in its search by 1 EUR in ...
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Personal property insurance + travelling insurance + accident insurance + health insurance [closed]

The definitions of the specific terms of the insurances differ among different companies. Also, some insurances like Travel Insurance is substitute of Property Insurance during certain specific of ...
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