I used Free File Fillable Forms to submit my income tax return. After submitting your return you are supposed to hear back from the IRS within 24-48 hrs as to whether they accepted the return. There are a whole list of errors that they will catch and reject your return.

After I submitted I noticed that I forgot to include SSNs for my dependents. I assume that they will catch my error and reject my return. Then I’ll have to resubmit. Meanwhile, Tax Day is fast approaching. Do I have to wait for them to reject my return? Or can I just fix the error and submit again? (Preferably electronically.)

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You need to wait for them to reject and follow the instructions on how to resubmit. In some cases, if e-file got rejected, you'll have to paper-file the fixed one.

If you're rejected, the submission deadline gets extended by a few days, so as long as you resubmit on time, you're OK.

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    Thanks. BTW, the rejection came very quickly so it was not painful to wait and I was still able to resubmit before the deadline.
    – Stainsor
    Commented Apr 28, 2015 at 22:50

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