Lukoil is a Russian listed company available in the US as an ADR under the symbol LUKOY (as far as I can tell). When I search for it on Fidelity, I see this:

enter image description here

What does the "NK" mean in "NK LUKOIL PAO"? I guess "PAO" is transliteration of the Cyrillic "ПАО" which in turn stands for "public joint-stock company" (abbreviated PJSC). But I have no theory as to what the "NK" stands for. In general what is the name of this entire thing: "NK LUKOIL PAO"? It is not a ticker symbol. What is it then?

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I'd surmise that NK stands for "Oil Company". I note that there's also Rosneft, for example:

NK Rosneft’ PAO (Oil Company Rosneft PJSC)


NK (Neftyanaya Kompaniya, or "oil company")


This is corroborated by Google Translate


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