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Transcontinental minerals inc

Transcontinental minerals inc..I have 2 capital stocks certificates from 1994 and have paper from the companys my grandfather gave them to my sister and i but cant find anything on them theres 9000 ...
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Quotes for funds in my Fidelity-managed 401(k)?

I've had several employer-provided plans through Fidelity over the years. Fortunately, they offered extremely low-cost passive investment options, like Vanguard Institutional Index Trust, which tracks ...
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Why is a ‘Q’ added to the ticker symbol of a bankrupt company?

I read on If it's a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, common stock shares will become practically worthless and will stop paying dividends. The stock may be delisted on the major stock ...
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I got the tip to invest in CSSPX. When I search the symbol at (Yahoo Finance) there are 3 hits. What exactly is the difference?

I got the tip to invest in CSSPX and ACWX. But unfortunately the symbols are not unique, there are several hits in (Yahoo Finance API). What exactly are the differences in the various hits?
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What does the '+' symbol mean at the end of a stock ticker?

For example IonQ has two tickers on the NYSE, "IONQ" and "IONQ+".
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Meaning of ticker symbol suffixes for Toronto Stock Exchange listings

When looking at the ticker symbols of stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX and TSXV), I noticed that there are many kinds of suffixes. For example, ".A", ".DB", "....
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What is "NK" and "PAO" in "NK LUKOIL PAO"?

Lukoil is a Russian listed company available in the US as an ADR under the symbol LUKOY (as far as I can tell). When I search for it on Fidelity, I see this: What does the "NK" mean in &...
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What is the meaning of ticker symbols that start with 0 (zero) on the London Stock Exchange?

On the London Stock Exchange, I noticed that the ticker for the Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF is 0LMO. Searching further, I noticed that many other Vanguard ETFs also have tickers that start with &...
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Given a ticker symbol, how can I know the corresponding SEC Edgar's Central Index Key (CIK)?

I read on The Central Index Key (CIK) is used on the SEC's computer systems to identify corporations. Given a ticker symbol, how can I know the ...
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Are fifth-letter suffixes on stock tickers compulsory or optional?

I looked at NASDAQ's List of Fifth Character Symbol Suffixes for NASDAQ tickers and FINRA's Fifth Character Indentifiers for OTC tickers. Both lists are similar, with some small differences. My ...
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NYSE vs. Nasdaq - can I tell what exchange a ticker traded on, based solely on the ticker?

So KO is clearly NYSE:KO, and GOOG is clearly NASDAQ:GOOG, but are tickers generally unique (between NYSE and Nasdaq)? If I mention a stock ABC and you know by context it's traded on an American ...
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