I am currently a holder of TD's e-Series funds in my investment portfolio.

However, the other day, I came across a new series of funds offered by TD: D-Series funds.

From what I can tell, the funds are too new to have their expense ratios published. However, as an example, this D-Series fund states:

  • Annual management fee of up to 1.10%
  • Administration fee is 0.30%
  • Trailer fee of up to 0.25%

If I understand correctly, this adds up to nearly 1.70% which isn't really low cost. Perhaps, it is considered low cost compared to other advisor based mutual funds in Canada.

Now for my actual question: D-Series funds launched in February 2015. How is it possible that a fund doesn't have a published expense ratio after almost half a year of operations? As an investor, how do I know what I am getting in to?

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