I work from home and had income from 3 sources

1) as an employee of an S corp (which I'm a small part owner of) main source of income 2) Consulting done under my name individually, separate from my day job 3) A single member LLC was created for the apple app store

All 3 are coding related in a dedicated home office room sharing the same equipment. Do I need to file a 8829 for each income or combine them all on one?

  • Employees and partners are not supposed to use Form 8829. You might want to ask an accountant if this applies to employees and owners of S Corporations or not. Commented Mar 26, 2012 at 13:01

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I've actually had the same problem several years running, and it's solved by filing my corporate taxes, then taking those schedules, and applying them to my 1040, along with a Schedule C You'll want to work with an accountant on this, but basically you're going to take the total set of business expenses as 1 chunk, then write them off your income (as one chunk). I always recommend an accountant for this, but that's the general idea that I've used, and for the last 10 years, it's worked great.

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