As a resident of California, if I get a K-1 from Connecticut, do I have to pay income taxes on this income for my California return?

Using Turbo Tax, the answer seems to be no, since there was no California K-1, but I want to make sure I have not entered something wrong because I was expecting it to be taxed with a credit for any Connecticut taxes paid on this income.


California taxes worldwide income of its residents. So it doesn't matter if your K-1 is from California or from Connecticut if you're a California resident. Your expectation seems to be correct. State taxes are often the weak point for these programs, especially California which has quite complicated tax laws.

If in doubt - get a CA licensed tax preparer (CRTP), CPA or EA to help you with your tax return. Tax preparers in California must be licensed by the State unless they hold a EA license from the IRS.

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