I opened a metal account (in German they call it Metallkonto, I hope to translation is correct). In the Web interface of the bank I see almost no info (no price, no profit or loss in percent).

The only thing I see:

  • Your purchase GB01/CHF 51.924600
  • You own 172.00 GB01

So what does this little info mean? What is GB01 exactly? How does a metal account work? What do I need to check?

What exactly is the point of a metal account? Who is this product aimed at? What I need to know as a owner of GB01

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GB01 means a gold bar with 1g and GB01/CHF means the price in swiss francs, in this case 51.92 CHF per gramm.
And to add the important investment advice: if you can't figure out what you are trading, keep your fingers off.

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